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Artist Statement

     The natural world has always been very important to me and the subject of all my paintings. We humans aren’t very different from living organisms and depend on one another, failure to do so can result in a world under stress that is unable to sustain life. I believe that all ecosystems in this planet share many similar objectives, but our desire to survive and reproduce in order to keep existing is the most important and the main focus in my paintings.

     My work is strongly influenced by the devastating possibility of losing some of our unique natural world due to its inability adjust to radical changes in our environment. My personal experiences and difficulties reproducing have taught me about my own abilities to adapt and helped me relate to the struggles of endangered species trying to continue their existence. 

     Paintings are brought to life from an idea that is followed up upon through research, which not only leads to better understanding the subject but also creates emotional connections to it.  Expression of these emotions is shown through the variety of techniques and bold colors in my compositions.

     The idea behind my work is to document certain ecosystems that are struggling to survive and might disappear in the future. It is my way of sending awareness to humanity. My way of self-healing and creating life. Since every painting I create is a piece of me in which I achieve a sense of immortality, that I have not yet achieved through having children, since my paintings will exist long after I am gone.

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