Reminiscence series

The Reminiscence series is a body of work that studies memories.  Memories can vary from precise crystal-clear recollection of what we have seen or vague, fragmented and even inaccurate representation of what was seen. I am painting from memory what I have seen and encountered in nature living in the Sonoran Desert.  Portions of the painting are photographs transferred onto the canvas representing the clearer memories that I have, while other parts are fragmented and distorted from reality representing vague memories.  This is also to give the viewer an insight into how my mind works in general and the way I see the world around me.  My mind is always analyzing everything I see down to the most minute detail.  I visualize things by breaking them down into smaller and smaller segments until the structure as a whole is no longer discernible. In this way I have my own interpretation of reality that is inconsistent with other peoples’ views.


Paintings are available for purchase, unless stated as 'SOLD' 

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